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Birth Support Practitioner - Doula Certification Programsm
Established 1990

In Support of the Sacred Journey

Preparing community elders, committed to sensitive birth.
April 26, 27, 28, May 18, & 19, 2013
all days 9am to 5pm Fee: $475.

Free Introductory To Program Sunday Feb. 17, 4pm to 5:30 & April 6, 1pm to 2:30 healthy refreshments will be provided

Sponsored by
The Natural Healing Tree Women's Wellness Center
124 Washington Ave. Suite E Richmond, CA 94801

For Further Information and Registration Contact Facilitator Sharon Ledbetter 707-217-8484

Limited to 15 participants to assure quality learning and interaction.

The Birth Support Practitioner - Doula Programsm

is open to women who wish to study human birth
and support families during
pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

While visiting the site, sign the newly created list (no fee) and join others from around the world who support sensitive birth.

Birth is one of our life's most impactful transition. Bringing a new human into the world and being a new human can be a traumatizing and transforming experience that holds immense opportunity for personal growth. The support the new family receives throughout their transition will contribute profoundly to the quality of their experience and personal growth.

This program will provide supportive emotional and practical guidance for all who are planning to journey through the life transition of giving life to another; conception, pregnancy-womb life, delivery, the first year and beyond...

This program will prepare you to provide: Support for women during the unique physical and emotional process experienced through giving life to another and becoming a mother; practical and emotional support for men becoming fathers; support to the family in providing sensitive care for their newborn as he or she transitions into the world.

We know that men and women who have not given birth have innate knowledge of birth, as everyone journeys through the entire process when we are born. We recognize that there is vital sharing and learning between men and women that needs to occur so that we can bring peace to this planet. This program respects that this early life transition is a good place to begin planting the seeds of peaceful community. Learning about the wisdom of sensitive birth and the exchange of energy between new mothers and fathers during this in-common human experience is the way the human continuum can begin to learn more about peaceful co- existence.

Our intention in this program is to honor the exciting truth that all we may know about birth is but a glimpse of the true magnificent wisdom that the birth of a new human holds. The Birth Support Practitioner Programsm provides a strengthened sense of birth wisdom with the wisest of wisdom, "there is always more to learn."

The Birth Support Practitioner - Doula Programsm is for those who

  • Believe that a woman under all circumstances can manage and grow from the journey of giving birth to her child, no matter what the experience brings.
  • Believe that the father/partner as witness and support can manage and grow from their experience, no matter what the experience brings.
  • Wish to gain and expand their understanding of the transformational wisdom that birth holds for every person who is born, who gives birth, and who witnesses birth.
  • Wish to pass the wisdom they gain onto others.
This program provides an in-depth study of the psychological, social, spiritual, and physiological journey of conception, pregnancy, womb life, the journey through labor and deliver, and postpartum. The study explores the profound influence that birth has upon the character development of the unborn-newborn and the new mother and father. This exploration will give you the necessary knowledge and support to develop your skills to offer family members, friends, teens, women, men and couples supportive emotional and practical guidance throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Throughout this program you will experience personal as well as professional growth.

This program is excellent for those who have a calling to midwifery, birthing assistant, birth and postpartum doula, breastfeeding specialists, and a nursing degree as well as those who wish for an in-depth exploration to prepare for the birth of a child or grandchild.

The knowledge provided in this program will enhance many professions such as psychologist, massage and body therapies such as acupuncture, and homeopathist.

The Birth Support Practitioner - Doula Programsm

...respects organic birth and is familiar with, and sensitive to, many of the ways nature has provided for our human species to conceive, gestate, and deliver our young. The sense of organic birth respects the wise use of technology, that has evolved through our scientific growth, when there is a serious need for medicinal intervention.

This is an extensive study program. You will have one year after the initial workshop to complete all requirements. There will be required reading and field work to receive full certification.

Call facilitator to receive further details about the requirements, 707-217-8484.

Note: The Fees for the books required in this course, the CPR class ($35 - $50), and the basic breastfeeding workshop ($40) are not included in the initial fee for course. Many of the books can be purchased used online.

Once you have registered for the program you will receive the the first segment of the program so you can begin to complete your reading and field work.

All who take the week-end courses will receive a certificate of study to add to their portfolio and a one year provisional certification to begin attending required 8 births to complete requirements.

Upon completion of all program requirements you will receive a certification acknowledging completion of your extensive study to provide support for birthing women and their families.

Once your registration and payment has been received you will receive field work instructions and the reading list, and you may begin your reading and field work study portion of your training immediately.

For further information contact facilitator:
Sharon Ledbetter 707-217-8484

The Birth Support Practitioner - Doula Programsm is facilitated by Sharon Ledbetter, a grandmother and mother of two adult sons. She received her masters degree in pre and perinatal social psychology, and received her childbirth educator, and birth support practitioner certification in 1988. She founded and directed the Albany/Berkeley Birth and Bonding Family Centersm 1988 - 2003 . The center was open 10-5, 6 days a-week, providing a cup of tea, informative conversation and sensitive educational programs for pregnant, birthing, and postpartum families.

During these years Sharon served thousands of men and women who visited the center daily and attended the centers educational programs. She initiated the 1st International Doula Training in 1990. She has since facilitated over 70 trainings. She is currently completing "The Sacred Journey a book series addressing the amazing human fertility cycles, conception, womb-life, birth - the time of emerging into the world, and postpartum.


To register for this program, download and submit a registration form,
or contact Sharon Ledbetter by phone at 707-217-8484, or via email at