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Note: The information provided to this site will never be sold, rented or otherwise shared. The only information "required" for signing the statement of support is your first and last name.

For those of you who want to be actively involved in the support network, there will be periodic notification of crucial places on our planet that need our active support as a group, in healing birthing practices that are harmful to mother, baby, and fathers. We also wish to show our support for practitioners who may be harassed or persecuted for providing sensitive treatment for the birthing family.

Individual participation can vary with each person, signing your name as support, actively writing letters or e-mails of support, or saying a prayer in your personal way to help in situations that come to our attention, or other ways that speaks to your conscience.

Our Mission:

We acknowledge the wisdom of the human body to bring another into the world from the beginning of time. The in-common human experience of men and women living in and emerging into this world from their mother's body.

We support that all women have their basic needs to ensure healthy bodies to create their children within.

We support that the wise use of ancient and modern knowledge of medicines and technologies be available for all women and babies when a serious need for interventions arise during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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