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Birth Support.org is a network where all people from all backgrounds and walks of life, who support sensitive birth practices can participate as members of an active network. A network where we the human family can <strong>express</strong> our support for the sensitive practice of birthing our young.

We acknowledge the wisdom of the human body to bring another into the world from the beginning of time. The in-common human experience of men and women living in and emerging into this world from their mother's body.

We support that all people have their basic needs to ensure healthy bodies to create their children within.

We support the availability of ancient and modern knowledge, and the wise use of medicine and technologies, be available for all women and babies when a serious need for interventions arises during prgnancy, birth, and postpartum.

There are two ways you can participate on this site.

  1. Join others and become a member of the Global Network of women and men who support sensitive birth for the new person and their family. No fee.

  2. locate sensitive practitioners. No fee

Birth Support Practitioner/Doula Training at Birth and Bonding International

painting All Things Born of Woman by Red Wolf: www.redwolffineart.com. Used by permission.